Who We Help

Nowak FS's success is built on fostering long-term advice relationships. We take the time to get to know each of our clients personally so we can understand where they have come from, their current needs and also their hopes for the future. Once we establish a clear idea of their priorities, together, we develop the best possible financial plan to suit their lifestyle and achieve their short and long term financial goals.

At Nowak FS we understand that everyone's priorities change over time. That is why we offer our clients a yearly review service. We want our clients to be confident they have a strategy in place for maintaining their financial security, whatever their life stage or changes, so they can give their attention to the things that bring them most joy.


Are you time poor and need to delegate your financial affairs to a professional with the expertise to make sure that you and your family are working for something?

We aim to help you achieve your long-term financial goals whilst ensuring you have the right financial protection you can rely on if things go wrong.

How we can help

  • Protecting your assets and lifestyle
  • Managing and reducing your debt
  • Managing your super for when you need it
  • Setting short, medium & long term goals (e.g. kids education budgeting)
  • Managing insurance claims
  • Building financial independence
  • Optimising your surplus cash flow
  • Tax effective investing
  • Directing your asses where you want them via estate planning

Why You Should See Us

  • If you are concerned about maintaining your or your family’s financial independence
  • It is important to you to control your mortgage and avoid paying the bank unnecessary interest
  • You are ready to make the first step to setting up a strategy that will maximise your retirement outcome

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Small Business Owners

If your focus and energy is on the prosperity of your business and you need advice to ensure you are properly looking after your financial plan, then we will work with you to prioritise your financial outcomes to ensure that all your hard work has long term financial and life rewards.


  • Working or self employed
  • Strong household income
  • Low debt or no debt
  • Kids finishing school/university (or almost)
  • Surplus cashflow
  • Retirement is around the corner

How we can help

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Succession planning
  • Structuring life insurance for buy/sell agreements and key person risk management
  • Owning your commercial premises
  • How to leverage your business to manage your retirement plan
  • Protecting your assets and lifestyle

Why You Should See Us

  • those who own a small business and want to ensure their hard work amounts to a desired wealth creation and retirement outcome
  • those with a priority to maintain their business viability and ensure their family's are protected

Empty Nesters / Retirees

Do you envision a retirement where you are living the lifestyle that you dream of?

Our mission is to make this your reality. We help you identify your ideal retirement and develop a strategy to set the direction to get you there. We have the expertise, the tools and we are committed to be side by side with you on your journey.

How we can help

  • Identifying your desired income for retirement
  • Modelling retirement income and longevity of funds
  • Centrelink eligibility
  • Investment advice focussed on minimising risk
  • Maximisation of tax benefits available
  • Monitoring of legislative changes that impact your situation
  • Reviewing your progress

Why You Should See Us

  • those approaching retirement and value the certainty in achieving your desired retirement or pre-retirement lifestyle