How We Help

Financial Health Check

Start your financial journey with a financial health check. Before you spend time and money on developing a financial plan, we believe the first step is to understand your current situation and to project whether this will provide for the lifestyle you and your family plan for.
It includes superannuation projections, a comprehensive life insurance review and included recommendations, limited estate planning advice, your home valuation and report and mortgage repayment modelling.
From this you can choose which areas to obtain further advice be it superannuation investing, contribution advice to your super, advice on repaying your home loan, retirement planning…


Wealth Creation

For most Australians superannuation will be there largest asset along with their home. We work with our clients to maximise their superannuation outcome. Be it making sure you are invested where you feel safe, combining your accounts or developing a contribution plan that will achieve your goals, this is where we can help. We can provide the strategy and implementation and we will monitor your progress with you over time to make sure you are maximising your likelihood of achieving your retirement goals.

Attaining a comfortable retirement where you can live the life you always dreamt of is achievable for most. What is essential is that you have a plan and the strategy to achieve this plan over time. Our passion is to help our clients identify their retirement goals and advise them on how to make their goals a reality.

Retirement – Optimising your lifestyle

Once retired, it is even more important to help our clients enjoy the lifestyle they have dreamed of, be it holidays, spending time with the family and grandchildren, spending more time on their hobbies or learning new ones. We let you focus on these important things and take care of the rest, safely investing your nest egg, calculating your drawings to meet your lifestyle goals balanced with your financial longevity.

Estate Planning – Family Protection and Support

All parents know how much they want to help their children and estate planning is an essential step in our process by providing a service to our clients so that they can leave the legacy they desire. We can help in two ways. Firstly, in the event of the unexpected, we can help you in developing your Wills, enduring powers of attorney and trust structures with legal professionals. Secondly, for those who have financial surpluses, we can assist with your plan to effectively distribute your wealth whilst you are living, so you can witness the legacy you have left.

Life Insurance

Personal Protection

If financially protecting yourself and your family is important to you why not outsource this important issue to a professional who will commit to servicing you through life’s changes and challenges.

We know that the life insurance puzzle is complex... how much do I need? Should I have it in super or outside and what are the impacts? Which policy is best for me? Is it tax effective and can it be? What is trauma cover?

These are all the things we can help you with should you be single, partnered or have a family.

We start with a discussion about your current situation and objectives and work with you to develop a life insurance portfolio that meets your objectives, and then implement this portfolio for you. We periodically review your life insurance portfolio to meet any of life’s changes, and are proud of our commitment to all of our clients with our claims management service. We have managed $24 million in claims for our clients since 2008.

Business Insurance

Business Protection

For those of you with a business, we can help you to financially protect your business and your family and estates, through professional advice and the use of life insurance.

  • Do you have key people in your business that make a significant contribution to your business?
  • Do you have business debt that you have personally guaranteed?
  • If you died would your business partners be able to pay out your family for your share of the business?
  • Could you work with your business partner's spouse?

We also work with Business Succession lawyers to help draft any agreements.