Our Investment Philosophy

  • A clear long-term strategy tailored for each client
  • Diversification of investments to best enable achievement of client goals
  • Focus on value (cost vs return)when developing client strategies

Our Active Investment Partner- Ibbotson Dynamic investment strategy (is this too much)

We believe that the world and financial markets are dynamic and that investment portfolios should be managed the same way. Our investment partner, Ibbotson, have a dynamic investment strategy that provides a structured decision making framework which serves to remove the emotional (and at times frightening) elements of financial markets from rational decision making. This framework provides the necessary flexibility to respond to the dynamic nature of markets and new unpredictable situations, while maintaining the direction and structure that a well thought out and disciplined investment process provides investors.  We believe that using a patient and disciplined approach provides superior long-term real returns and we focus on real capital preservation.