About Us

Nowak Financial Services has been helping people develop personal financial strategies for over 45 years specialising in life insurance and superannuation and goals based retirement planning. We are interested in developing long-standing relationships with our clients that so enable us to not only develop goals and a strategy with our clients, but then together we can monitor these to ensure we keep heading in the direction of their goals, at every stage in their lives. Our ideal client is one that values their financial future and values an ongoing advice relationship but we have most success with our small business owner and professional clients that rely on a trusted advice relationship. We are a family run business that prides ourselves on personalised advice and ongoing service. We listen to you and ensure that you are comfortable with the advice we provide for you and your family.

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Our planning philosophy

Goals Based Planning

Our approach to financial advice is known as goals based financial planning. This approach focuses on meaningful discussions about your financial dreams and plans for the future, be it owning a beach home, holidays every year with the grandkids, paying off all your debt by a certain age or $100,000 per year in retirement. From there your goals can be quantified financially and a long-term strategy developed. It may take some time to get a clear idea of your goals, but we are with you all the way.

Just as important as developing the goal and strategy, is monitoring your progress and we are committed to being your partner on this journey with you. The end goal is the most important and that is the ability to live the lifestyle that you have planned for.

Our claims philosophy

Professional dedicated life Insurance client claims management service

Since 2008 we have managed over 170 claims for our clients providing over $24 million in vital insurance payments to clients and their families. These insurance payments have helped our clients most importantly to focus on the important things in life – their family and their health.

“Claims management is a critical service that we offer to our clients”, Michael says. “This is the time when our clients need us most and our business model ensures we will be there for them from claim lodgement to finalisation”

We do take on pro bono claims management for selected cases – please ask.

We take pride in looking after our clients when they need us the most.

Our Investment Philosophy

We invest our client’s retirement and investments using three principles -

  • A clear long-term strategy tailored for each client
  • Diversification of investments to best enable achievement of client goals
  • Focus on value (cost vs return)when developing client strategies

Our Active Investment Partner - Morningstar Investments

We believe that the world and financial markets are dynamic and that investment portfolios should be managed the same way. Our investment partner, Morningstar, have a dynamic investment strategy that provides a structured decision making framework which serves to remove the emotional (and at times frightening) elements of financial markets from rational decision making. This framework provides the necessary flexibility to respond to the dynamic nature of markets and new unpredictable situations, while maintaining the direction and structure that a well thought out and disciplined investment process provides investors. We believe that using a patient and disciplined approach provides superior long-term real returns and we focus on real capital preservation.

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