Our mission at Nowak Financial Services is to secure our client’s financial future and maximise their long-term financial potential by making their financial goals and dreams a reality. Identifying and achieving financial goals is a complex and ongoing process and our expertise is to work with those who are willing to delegate this responsibility to us. You may be time poor, or not know where to start. That is where we can help.

Our advice process is human

We focus on helping you identify and focus on the things that matter – spending more time with family, holidays or helping the next generation – and making the complex simple for you. By trusting us to build, manage and protect your financial goals and dreams you are making the choice to take the first steps to attain financial peace of mind. Who better to partner with than a firm that has been helping clients for over 40 years , a firm that can deliver a strategy and then is committed to stay with you on your journey until you attain your goals.

Are you time poor and need to delegate your financial affairs to a professional with the expertise to make sure that you and your family are working for something.
We aim to help you achieve your long-term financial goals whilst ensuring you have the right financial protection you can rely on if things go wrong.

If your focus and energy is on the prosperity of your business and you need advice to ensure you are properly looking after your financial plan, then we will work with you to prioritise your financial outcomes to ensure that all your hard work has long term financial and life rewards.

Do you envision a retirement where you are living the lifestyle that you dream of? Our mission is to make this your reality. We help you identify your ideal retirement and develop a strategy to set the direction to get you there. We have the expertise, the tools and we are committed to be side by side with you on your journey.